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Back fenders

163.00 280.00 
Allows the stacking of pre-prepared sheets of sheet metal for cutting and bending. This saves time and creates additional convenience

Back table

Additional profiles to increase the length of the tabletop. Allows working with longer pieces of sheet metal. It differs in

Bending angle disc 0°-160°

Visual tool for determining the angle of folding. A waterline shows at what angle the bending beam is positioned.

Cut plates clamping bar

82.00 128.00 
It is placed on the supporting arms of the front limiters and prevents the cut sheets of sheet metal from

Four angle limiters of bent plate

163.00 173.00 
A tool similar to the one-position limiter, but offering significantly greater convenience in operation. It allows setting up to four

Fourside sheet metal bending (baking pan type)

255.00 459.00 
Allows the locking of the pressure beam at a distance of up to 100mm relative to the main beam.

Front limiters

180.00 204.00 
They are used for cutting sheet metal. Through the limiters, great speed and precision is achieved when serially cutting identical

Groover roller kneader

For high-quality bending of the detail up to 180 degrees. Its use is more convenient and allows for even pressure


To increase productivity and work efficiency, there is an option to add pedals to control the movement of the press

Radius brake

it makes a rounded finishing edge of the part, which is also used as a stop-drop. It is important to

Side handle

They are located at the ends of the bending beam. The side handles are used to bend sheet metal that

Single position plate angle limiter

A convenient tool that allows absolute precision when folding identical parts. Limits the lift of the bending beam to a