Manual bending machine type M-MAX


The manual abkant is appropriate for cutting and bending of iron sheets manually, keeping the producer parameters. It’s produced from high quality steel, and dust painted after. The accessories and small parts are with zinc cover, which keeps them from corrosion. The Abkant is planned in a way that gives the possibility for amending the different elements. Its construction provides high strength and minimum twisting.

It has several adjusting mechanical elements:

  • The angle of slope of the pressing girder
  • The strength of pressure of the pressing girder
  • The symmetry of the position of the pressing girder compared to the down one

During the cutting of the iron sheet the cutter could stay on the leaders of the machine, without need to move the instrument. All construction elements of the abkant are rightly calibrated and they don’t need additional amendments.

PRICE FROM 3200 BGN. (w/o VAT )